Tribute paid to Ali Baba on 1st death anniversary

JAMSHORO: Ali Baba was a trendsetting writer in Sindhi literature who did not choose cheap romantic themes and other such bizarre topics, but he highlighted intrinsic social issues of society, pecuniary problems and societal deprivations of the people in his…..

سنڌ الاجي ۾ سنڌ لوڪ آرٽ ميلو سنڌي ثقافتي رنگ پکيڙڻ بعد پڄاڻي تي پهتو

ڄامشورو(پ-ر) سنڌ يونيورسٽي ڄامشورو جي انسٽيٽيوٽ آف سنڌالاجي پاران منعقد ڪرايل ”سنڌ لوڪ آرٽ ميلو“ پنهنجي پڄاڻيءَ تي پهچي ويو، ميلي جي آخري ڏينهن تي بحث مباحثي جا ڪيترائي سيشن ٿيا، جن ۾ ڳالهائيندي نامور اديبن، ليکن، ڪالم نگارن، شاعرن ۽ صحافين ملڪ…..

Sindh Folk Art Festival Cocludes

JAMSHORO: Speakers at Sindh Folk Art Festival (SFAF) have termed the extreme of poverty, lack of quality education and indifference of state with the masses as the root cause to increasing terrorism and extremism in Pakistan especially in Punjab. They called for creating sources of…..

Structural changes coupled with propagation of Sufis

JAMSHORO: Speakers at a seminar have stressed the need for extracting the spirit and essence of mystic thought, by integrating it to the contemporary socio-political concept to transform the society.   They said that they needed to bring structural changes in…..