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Tribute paid to Ali Baba on 1st death anniversary

JAMSHORO: Ali Baba was a trendsetting writer in Sindhi literature who did not choose cheap romantic themes and other such bizarre topics, but he highlighted intrinsic social issues of society, pecuniary problems and societal deprivations of the people in his stories and dramas which he wrote profusely.

This was the gist of opinions expressed by speakers comprising noted writers, academicians and close friends of prominent Sindhi story writer, novelist and TV playwright Ali Baba. They said that Ali was a multi-dimensional writer with innumerable abilities.

They expressed this at a seminar titled “Ali Baba: Personality, Art & Creative Role” held at Sindh University’s Institute of Sindhology here on the occasion of Ali’s 1st death anniversary on Tuesday night.

Presiding over the gathering, former Director of Sindhology and author of many books in Sindhi language Shaukat Hussain Shoro said Ali Baba was his friend, who achieved widespread popularity among his readers and viewers of his television plays due to his genuine thoughts and concerns for social problems of the common people in his literary creations.

He said Ali brought his own diction, new plots and touching thoughts for his writings adding that when nobody was ready to take the name of Sindh in the era of one unit, Ali started writing in those days in favor of downtrodden people of the province.

“Ali was not only a unique writer among others in Sindh but he also led a unique life”, said Shaukat Hussain Shoro.

Senior journalist and columnist Madad Ali Sindhi said Ali Baba was unconventional writer, who carved his own elevated place in Sindhi literature through his unique literary works.

He, who was a creator to the core, neither wrote on popular topics nor resorted to oft-repeated words or sentences of same meaning in his writings.

He said that Ali was a straightforward and a loving fellow who succeeded to get name and fame due to his exceptional writings, novels and dramas.

“I never saw him bewildered, he would carry dreams of a prosperous Sindh in his eyes”, Madad Ali Sindhi said.

Dr. Rasool Memon, who is a close friend of the deceased dramatist and author, said he (Ali Baba), had contributed tremendously in enrichment of Sindhi literature.

He entered in the realm of Sindhi literature as an author but emerged later as a very creative, progressive and powerful prose writer as well as TV playwright.

He wrote stories, novels, stage plays and television dramas which were widely liked by the people. His TV serials were master pieces in Sindhi literature.

He said that the novel named “Moenjodaro” written by Ali Baba was more beautiful than that of original Moenjodaro. He taught how to dance to the dancing girl of Moenjodaro (made by bronze at Daro) by vitalizing it, he said.

Renowned Sindhi poet Ali Dost Aajiz said that the deceased author was very helpful and highly intellectual writer whose writings left indelible impact on the minds of the reader.

He said the flow of thoughts of Ali Baba was more rapid than that of his tongue and pen adding that his way of thinking and observing the things as well as life was quite different than a common writer.

Writer Dr. tahmina Mufti said that Ali was a distinctive name of Sindhi language. His always talked about Sindh and highlighted its problems in his writings.

She said he [Ali Baba] painted the colors of life to Sindhi literature like a visual artist adding that the unconditional love for Sindh could be seen in his writings.

Another writer Ayoub Umrani said Ali was a reformist writer who fought with his pen against social evils. He said the issues pertaining to people in Sindh were highlighted by Ali Baba in his very widely viewed T.V. dramas and stories. It was through this play that the most barbaric act of perpetrators came to public and civil society raised their voice against outlaws and the authorities came into action against social evils. Ali Baba would long be remembered for this heroic act, he said.

The director of Institute of Sindhology and eminent poet Dr. Ishaque Samejo said the plays written by Ali became very popular among the audience.

He said he was closely associated with Ali baba and found him very sensitive and sensible. He picked up his inspiration for writing from society and wrote with courage and convenience, Dr. Samejo said.

“His plays that were played on air by PTV, got familiarity among the masses which was a big exploit and a great literary work”, he said.

A short documentary was also played that highlighted the life achievements of this great poet, writer, playwright and author. On the occasion the book-launching ceremony of his two books “Moenjodaro” and “Sindhbad Jo Safar” got published by Sindh Archive Department, Government of Sindh were held wherein intellectuals, authors and writers participated.

In the end Ali Baba corner established at Sindhology museum was also inaugurated by Shaukat Hussain Shoro. Singer Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi thrilled the audience by presenting a wayee (a kind of poetry which can be sung) of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

Among others, famous poet Ayaz Gul, intellectual Inam Shaikh, Faheem Noonari, senior journalists Niaz Panhwar and Izhar Soomro were also present on the occasion.