The Institute of Sindhology is an epitome of Sindh studies including Culture, history literature, archeology, anthropology and music. All of the studies manifest and represent the Indus valley Civilization dating back to Mohen-Jo-Daro. The institute, time and again, has tried…..

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Museum The Institute of Sindhology has been recognized within the country as well as abroad as a cultural repository of its own kind. An “Anthropological Research Center and Sindh Arts Gallery” (Museum) has been established in this Institute for the…..

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BUREAU OF PRODUCTION AND PUBLICATION As the Institute of Sindhology is concerned mainly with the culture and civilization of Sindh through the ages, hence the main objective of the Bureau of Production, Publication and Transaction is to highlight significant achievements…..

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Research Library

Research Library One of the functions of the Institute of Sindhology has been to guide, assist and facilitate the local as well as foreign scholars in their research projects culture, history, anthropology, sociology ethnology and ethnography of various ethnic groups…..

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Research Section

Research Search This section has achieved many targets concerning research and documentation. The work began with compilation and publication of catalogue, bibliographies, directories and periodical literature. The main objective of the section is to produce and keep up-dating: Directory of…..

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2nd International Conference on Sindh Studies “Indus Valley Cultural Heritage: New Researches and Perspectives”

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Knowledge about Sindh Sindhology (سنڌولوجي‎) is one of the major resources on the history of Sindh.


In 1962, the University of Sindh established an institution called the ” Sindhi Academy “. Its aims and objectives were: (1) to establish a research library containing all available books and manuscripts, written in any language, providing information about Sindh, its past and present; and (2) to publish research material produced in Sindhi and other Pakistani languages and in English, Persian and Arabic including relevant Ph.D. thesis submitted to the university of Sindh or any other university of Pakistan.

About Sindhology

The Institute’s building is the masterpiece and the best portrayal of amalgamations of the Islamic and Buddhist architectures on Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, Jamshoro. The three-storey main building decorated with beautiful Hala tile-work gives a magnificent look, with its two arms housing the Research Library and Administration Block. The main domed building houses the Anthropological Research Centre (Museum), Art Gallery, Film and Photographic Sections and Audio-visual Section. The extension made at the time of Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 1987 houses the Book Depot and Gift shop.

2nd International Conference on Sindh Studies “Indus Valley Cultural Heritage: New Researches and Perspectives”

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1st International Conference on “Sindh Studies”.

Call for Papers The Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro is a premier cultural and historical research institute at the preserving the archeological, anthropological, and cultural heritage of Sindh. It has preserved and documented the profoundly rich cultural heritage…..

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2nd International Conference on Sindh Studies “Indus Valley Cultural Heritage: New Researches and Perspectives”

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Latest News & Events

Tribute paid to Ali Baba on 1st death anniversary

JAMSHORO: Ali Baba was a trendsetting writer in Sindhi literature who did not choose cheap romantic themes and other such bizarre topics, but he highlighted intrinsic social issues of society, pecuniary problems and societal deprivations of the people in his…..

سنڌ الاجي ۾ سنڌ لوڪ آرٽ ميلو سنڌي ثقافتي رنگ پکيڙڻ بعد پڄاڻي تي پهتو

ڄامشورو(پ-ر) سنڌ يونيورسٽي ڄامشورو جي انسٽيٽيوٽ آف سنڌالاجي پاران منعقد ڪرايل ”سنڌ لوڪ آرٽ ميلو“ پنهنجي پڄاڻيءَ تي پهچي ويو، ميلي جي آخري ڏينهن تي بحث مباحثي جا ڪيترائي سيشن ٿيا، جن ۾ ڳالهائيندي نامور اديبن، ليکن، ڪالم نگارن، شاعرن ۽ صحافين ملڪ…..

Sindh Folk Art Festival Cocludes

JAMSHORO: Speakers at Sindh Folk Art Festival (SFAF) have termed the extreme of poverty, lack of quality education and indifference of state with the masses as the root cause to increasing terrorism and extremism in Pakistan especially in Punjab. They called for creating sources of…..

Structural changes coupled with propagation of Sufis

JAMSHORO: Speakers at a seminar have stressed the need for extracting the spirit and essence of mystic thought, by integrating it to the contemporary socio-political concept to transform the society.   They said that they needed to bring structural changes in…..