Sindh Folk Art Festival Cocludes

JAMSHORO: Speakers at Sindh Folk Art Festival (SFAF) have termed the extreme of poverty, lack of quality education and indifference of state with the masses as the root cause to increasing terrorism and extremism in Pakistan especially in Punjab.

They called for creating sources of livelihood for the people and providing free education to the children in the country particularly in south Punjab in order to curb terrorism and get rid of extremism.

They were speaking at different debate sessions that took place on the next consecutive day of a 2-day Sindh Folk Art Festivalorganized at the Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh Jamshoro.

Speaking in is session titled “My Siraki Folk”, the well-known & veteran journalist Wusatullah Khan said that the life-threatening poverty and the inattention of state were the reasons of swelling terrorism in the country particularly in Punjab.

He said that nobody wanted to die of hunger and whenever certain poor people received some financial assistance under these circumstances [poverty]; they easily fell prey to terrorists and extremists.

Talking on the role of Sindhi media, Wusatullah Khan said that the tradition of Sindhi media was ancient about 150 years. Sindhi media was more vibrant and powerful than that of Siraki media. But he said Siraki poetry both romantic and resistance was in competition with Sindhi poetry.

“I do not know whether the MNAs, MPAs work for the welfare of their people or not but the elected representatives of Siraki belt in Punjab was nothing to do with the masses after elections”, he said. He on the occasion read out a Siraki poem written by poet Nazir Faiz, illustrating the romantic and resistance aspects of it.

In another session titled “Technological changes and vanishing life”, the famous dramatist and writer Agha Rafique said that the Sindhi TV channels were deteriorating the Sindhi language while the code of conduct in media was not being followed. “I had meetings with editors and publishers of Sindhi media in order to stop deterioration of Sindhi language on TV channels, but all in vain”, said Agha Rafique.

He called for telling teenage students about the merits and demerits of social media. “This is the only solution to stop the children from going astray, when you illustrate them about the positive advantages of social media, there is no reason that they will use it negatively”, he said.

Columnist Manoj Kumar said the technology will overlap in a way that half of the offices would be of no use and everything could be available on a single click of cell phone.

Speaking in another session titled “Otaq-A cultural Institute”, famous broadcaster Naseer Mirza said Shah latif had talked much about the importance of Otaq (public sphere) in his poetry. “This shows the importance of Otaq in past”, he said.

He proposed that the people in Sindh will have to revive the culture of Otaq adding that these Otaqs were the source of getting new ideas in rural areas of the province.

Famous writer and author of certain books Ishtiaq Ansari in his session titled “Folk & rock art of Sindh: Interface between tradition and religion” apprised the audience of petroglyphs and its types available in the caves and mountains of the world including Pakistan.

On the occasion, director Institute of Sindhology Dr. Ishaque Samejo, director Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, Mehran University Dr. Bhai Khan Shar, Dr. Ameer Abro, Zahida Jutt, Kashif Shahzad, Pyaro Shawani, Shakeel Abro and others also spoke.

The well-known Sughars (traditional folk poets) presented their poetry wherein they highlighted the issues of education, social evils, problems of people and injustices in the society.

The different stalls of handicrafts, Sndhi Ajraks, Sindhi caps, embroidery clothes, pottery and eateries were the center of attention of the visitors.

In the end, the singers, musicians and stage actors also performed in the festival. Thus the SFLF ended with beautiful memories in the minds.

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