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This section has achieved many targets concerning research and documentation. The work began with compilation and publication of catalogue, bibliographies, directories and periodical literature. The main objective of the section is to produce and keep up-dating: Directory of Sindhi Writers……

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One of the functions of the Institute of Sindhology has been to guide, assist and facilitate the local as well as foreign scholars in their research projects concerning various aspects of Sindh, particularly Sindhi language, literature, art, culture, history, anthropology,…..



The Institute of Sindhology has been recognized within the country as well as abroad as a cultural repository of its own kind. An “Anthropological Research Center and Sindh Arts Gallery” (Museum) has been established in this Institute for the exhibition…..



It is ethno-musical gallery and performing arts, sound and film section. Sindh is rich in music. Its music occupies a distinct and unique position amongst various cultures of this part of the world. Despite the absorption, innovation and the influence…..